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Dec 14th 2020:
I have replaced the blog, which was causing nothing but trouble, with a link to my instagram account.
Check it out and if you want, you can leave comments there instead.


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Welcome to my genealogy pages

I began researching my family history during my early teens, some 30 years ago. My grandmother was the one who started it all, involving me in her research and awakening my interest for genealogy.
I have my known ancestors mainly in today's Sweden, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic.

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My line of the Bornemann name has its origins in the western part of Germany, in a small town called Düren. The earliest written records, however, are from Göttingen, where my ancestor settled after leaving Düren in the early 1500's.

Swedish roots

I live in Sweden since quite a few years by now. My swedish roots are all found in southern Sweden, in for instance Halland, Småland and Uppland.
On these pages you'll also find the ancestry of my step father, who had his origins in mainly Stockholm, Södermanland and Skåne.
Please contact me if you find anything that interests you, if we have mutual ancestors or if you have any other questions.

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