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Dec 14th 2020:
I have replaced the blog, which was causing nothing but trouble, with a link to my instagram account.
Check it out and if you want, you can leave comments there instead.


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I have been extremely fortunate to have access to research done by relatives, which has made things a lot easier for me in my own research.
The basic information I have on the German and eastern european side of my family comes from two main sources:

Example content image: left-align* Alfred H Bornemann, a cousin of my grandfather, put in a remarkable effort to write the book "Letters from a german family - The Bornemann correspondence in historical context" (published by Little Flame Press in 1988).

* Albert Uhlendorff wrote the paper "Die Uhlendorffs in Gross Ellershausen" (1974), with information on my family's line of Uhlendorffs back to around 1660.

Furthermore, I have used different online sources such as Family search , as well as information from distant relatives.

Example content image: right-alignIn Sweden my original information came from different relatives. I'd like to express an extra thank you to my grandmother Alfhild, who got me started on genealogy in the first place!
I have been able to verify and add to this information by reading scanned copies of the original church records, both at the archives themselves and through Arkiv Digital, as well as through other online sources and contacts with distand relatives.